Empowering local businesses with effective digital tools, strategies and assets to streamline operations and boost revenue.

Tired of Overwhelm?

Let Our Digital Solutions Simplify Your Operations

Say goodbye to the chaos of managing multiple tasks and platforms. Our integrated digital solutions are here to simplify your operations, automating repetitive tasks, managing leads efficiently, and ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. With our comprehensive suite of tools, you'll regain control of your time and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Feeling Stuck?

Streamline Your Workflows for Greater Productivity

Don't let inefficiencies hold you back. Our streamlined workflows optimize every step of your business processes, from lead management to customer engagement. With our all-in-one platform, you'll breeze through tasks, manage messages from one centralized location, schedule social media posts effortlessly, and send invoices with ease. Get ready to boost productivity and reclaim your momentum.

Struggling to Grow?

Maximize Revenue with Our Tailored Strategies

Ready to take your business to the next level? Our tailored strategies are designed to supercharge your growth and maximize revenue. From enhancing your SEO presence to retargeting your audience and nurturing leads effectively, we've got you covered. With our proven methods and personalized approach, you'll unlock new opportunities for success and achieve the growth you've been dreaming of.


In today's fast-paced digital landscape, CRMs are your secret weapon. They are the driving force behind attracting new leads, transforming leads into loyal customers, and guaranteeing repeat business.


Our top-of-the-line CRM isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer. It streamlines your business operations, turbocharges your marketing strategies, and ensures you stay one step ahead in the digital arena.

With this digital powerhouse and our dedicated team, you're not just navigating the online world; you're mastering it. So, gear up for a level-up!



Website Design and Hosting

Unlock the potential of your online presence with our expert Website Design services. Our skilled team specializes in creating websites that not only look stunning but are built to convert visitors into loyal customers With our all-in-one marketing application, effortlessly manage your website and create engaging blog posts.

Reputation Management

Our reputation management service is your partner in cultivating a positive digital image. We take a proactive approach by automating the process of requesting reviews from your satisfied customers. This ensures that their positive experiences are prominently featured, enhancing your online presence.

Lead Management

Effortlessly manage your leads with our cutting-edge Lead Management system, supported by automated funnels, texts, and emails. Engage and nurture leads to ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks. Take control of your sales process and watch your conversions soar.

Appointment Automation

Elevate your business with our appointment automation system. Seamlessly schedule appointments, collect payments, send friendly reminders, and even initiate thoughtful follow-ups.

Unified Messaging

Stay effortlessly connected with your contacts and leads using our Contact Manager tool. Organize, engage, and track interactions with ease, allowing you to foster and grow valuable relationships.

Insights Dashboard

Gaining deep insights into your digital presence is essential for informed decision-making. Our Insights Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive overview of your online performance, helping you fine-tune your strategies, optimize campaigns, and understand your audience better.

Social Media Management

Supercharge your social media game with our cutting-edge Social Media Management tool. From scheduling posts to harnessing the power of AI, it's your all-in-one solution for optimizing your online presence across multiple platforms. Save time, stay consistent, and maximize your online impact.

Outbound Calling

Reach out and connect like never before with our Outbound Calling feature. Take the lead in your business relationships with ease. Whether you're following up on leads, conducting surveys, or simply strengthening connections, our tool empowers you to make those important calls right from your fingertips. Elevate your outreach game and watch your network grow.

Website Chat

Engage with your website visitors in real-time using our Website Chat feature. Don't miss out on valuable opportunities for connection and conversion. Our chat empowers you to provide instant support, answer questions, and guide potential clients seamlessly.

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Michigan Media House was founded by Mike Lamentola in 2010 with a vision to support local businesses, artists, and communities through innovative online content. Recognizing the challenges faced by local businesses when it came to online marketing, Mike decided to leverage his expertise in web design and online marketing to pivot the company's focus. This shift enables Michigan Media House to offer comprehensive digital marketing services, while making video production the extra value on the cake. By offering affordable digital marketing solutions, Michigan Media House is becoming a game-changer for local businesses, providing them with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.


At Michigan Media House, our mission is to empower local businesses, artists, and communities by harnessing the power of digital tools, online marketing, and professional video content. We are committed to building a thriving community of local businesses through collaboration, support, and innovation. Our values are rooted in our creativity, and a genuine desire to see our local clients succeed. As our client base continues to grow, we remain dedicated to producing original content that aligns with our mission and goals, contributing to the success and prosperity of our local ecosystem.



Clint Laster

Flawless Auto Finish | Taylor, MI

If you’re a local business owner you need to get with my guy Mike! Regardless of the size of your company, I guarantee that he can help your business in a multitude of ways

Aron Cole

Island Estates | Grass Lake, MI

Mike did an incredible job helping us launch our business. His marketing and media abilities are invaluable, highly recommended!

Chad Houghton

UGQ Outdoor | Jackson, MI

Working with Michigan Media House was a great experience! Very skilled at what they do and extremely knowledgeable about marketing and setting up the right type of content for your business! Highly recommend!

Strategize, Execute, Succeed: Your Roadmap to Digital Growth

Digital Discovery: Navigating Your Path to Success

Let's dive into a digital examination. No need to worry, we're not here to give you a pop quiz. Our objective? To identify the most impactful opportunities and craft a detailed roadmap for your business's success.

Digital Transformation: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Get ready for a digital overhaul! Our team will craft, test, and unleash your digital arsenal. We'll review our work together, tweak as needed, and provide comprehensive training to assure seamless integration.

Achieve and Amplify:
Drive Results, Iterate, Repeat

Experience the magic unfold! We'll unlock your digital prowess, delivering results that'll leave you applauding our partnership! Then, we'll repeat the process and embark on an endless cycle of success and growth together.

Our team is ready to create your roadmap to success and start building the Digital assets you need most.

Schedule a call with us or drop us a message below so we can help you grow your business.


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