The Haute Knot – Detroit Premium DJ Service

I met the owner of Haute Knot (Meryl) a few years back when I produced a showcase video featuring her. Filming and following her around that night I recognized the often unnoticed qualities of a professional DJ. The way she read and controlled the energy of the crowd and moved seamlessly from one song to the next was truly impressive. I have known many DJs over the years but after watching Meryl they became people who knew how to set up a PA, make a playlist and plug in a laptop.
Fast forward a couple years and I was contacted to produce the above video for Meryl’s business “The Haute Knot”. Being in my early 30’s I have attended MANY weddings and the DJ often ends up being an Uncle or friend of a friend (because they have a PA, can make a playlist and plug in a laptop). After seeing Meryl DJ a wedding I realized just how much of an impact a profession DJ can have on a wedding.
The DJ is responsible for the energy of the entire reception and perhaps ceremony as well. If you or someone you know is planning a wedding cancel the uncle, or “friend of a friend” and contact The Haute Knot!

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