Podcast 1o3Two Types and Everything in-between

When you want to start podcasting the first step is visualizing and developing the perfect podcast for you the host(s).  When you look at podcasts that have guests (most podcasts) there are really two types and everything in between. On one end of the spectrum you have conversational or “blab” podcasts and on the other, Structured podcasts which lean more towards an interview format. What you choose depends on your interests and goals. The objective is to figure out where in this spectrum your podcast will be.

Conversational/Unstructured – Bring in interesting guests you want to speak with and hit record. You can make your topics of discussion as broad or niche as you’d like. It’s a good idea to have a set duration for both your guests and audience but the creating of episodes should feel natural. You should have an interest in the story, work, or ideas of your guests or else the energy will not be there. The more excited you are about a guest the better the episode will be.
You’ll can have a general theme for your podcast, and even reoccurring segments or questions. The key to these podcasts is that the host(s) feed their own interest and with consistency an audience follows.

Interview/Structured – Usually structured podcasts are shorter and more focused on delivering value and takeaways. Again the subjects discussed can be as broad or niche as you’d like. Most of these podcasts have guests similar to Conversational podcasts but lean more towards the formate of an interview. This can be loose and unique to each guest, or tight and consistent. You can create a unique set of questions or topics for each guest or use the same questions. It all depends on what the overall goal or purpose of your podcast is. The key again it so make sure the host(s) are interested in the guests and the value they can deliver.

Be Selfish

When figuring out where your podcast will fall on this spectrum think about your interests, goals, and personality. If you have a broad spectrum of interests and love good conversations go with an open format conversational or “Blab” podcast. If you have a more focused area of interest, and want a lean high value learning experience create a structured interview podcast. Chances are one of these are already resonating with you.
With either podcast type the pace, energy and overall experience will depend on you the host(s). What is your energy like, how do you guide the conversation, what questions do you ask, etc.
Study up. Listen to a variety of podcasts and find out what you like and don’t like. Imagine the perfect podcast and then create it. If you are creating a more niche podcast research other podcasts serving that niche.
Whatever you decide to do remember that podcasts are simply a way to take other people on a ride with you. If what you seek reaching out to guests and producing this podcast resonates with people you will build an audience behind it. So be selfish, have fun and develop something you’ll love producing!

Mike Lamentola
Mike Lamentola

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