About Michigan Media House

Michigan Media House is a locally focused Media Production company serving local businesses through affordable media production services and educational content. Our Primary focus is on video which is the most engaging form of media online today and a resource that less than 10% of small business owners are utilizing. This is due to 1.) The cost of traditional production companies who have not adapted to new technologies and to serving this market and 2.) The lack of knowledge pertaining to new technologies and approaches to DIY video production. Working with Small business owners and Artists over the past 5 years we found many still view video production as a costly and stressful process. Through our services and educational content we aim to remove this stigma.

As a Production Company Michigan Media house provides both traditional media production services as well as content development and remote post production services. Our focus is on Developing unique workflows as a community of producers which allows us to provide affordable and effective services to local businesses.  Taking this to the next level we aim to develop original content similar to our showcase series to creatively support local businesses regardless of available budgets.

Working with clients from an international supplement company to a local Detroit carpenter we have seen the value of putting passionate and knowledgeable people on camera. By putting these individuals (usually the founders or business owners) on camera they simply increase the viewer’s confidence in the Information being provided. This we believe is the edge that small businesses and operations have through video in today’s marketplace. Our goal is to continually attract and work with these types of clients establishing relationships and growing with them over time.

As a collaborative community of passionate media producers we believe our business model has the edge in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. While clients may work with one producer directly they receive the collective knowledge and resources of the community as a whole. This will insure continuous innovation and improvement in the services we provide as well as the quality of the work we produce.