Ben Lindsey | Madison’s Music

Madisons Music Showcase

Ben Lindsey is an experienced Luthier, and owner of Madison’s Music Store (Named after his oldest Daughter), Gracey’s Vintage Finishes (Youngest Daughter Gracey),  and Crystal Clear Pickups (Named after his Wife). Madison’s Music Carries a variety of other products and Provides support for Wallace Guitars out of Detroit. To Learn more about Ben and his Store visit […]

Jimmy Tomczak Crowd Funding Video


I was happy to have the opportunity to help Jimmy with this Campaign.  I always enjoy helping passionate people and one doesn’t write a book on a subject without a certain level of passion behind it.. I was able to read an early PDF version of the book and Highly recommend it! If you watch the video […]

Kevin Spurgeon | Story

Kevin Spurgeon

  Video I produced for the Grass Lake Methodist Church. Den the Pasture was doing a sermon on disabilities and wanted to tell Kevin Spurgeon’s story through a short video. We ran out on a Wednesday night to talk with Kevin and his Caregivers. I really enjoyed meeting Kevin, hearing his story, and helping tell […]