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Meryl Waldo a.k.a Scout | Ann Arbor DJ & Vibe Creator


A Professional DJ and Vibe creator from Ann Arbor, MI Meryl Waldo (aka Scout) always used music to connect with others. Since this video was produced Meryl has started producing original music which you can listen to here. Follow/Say Hello to Meryl If you enjoyed this video be sure to Subscribe to our email list […]

Detroit Carpenter – Carlton James


Detroit Carpenter and owner of Detroit Heartwood. Carlton James specializes in Traditional carpentry and modern concepts with a focus on both Residential and Business build outs and renovations. “My Name is Carlton James and I have a Small Company here in Detroit called Detroit Heartwood. We Do Renovations, Custom Carpentry, Furniture, and Build outs for  commercial properties. […]

April Scott – April Scott Photo


 April Scott is a Michigan Photographer currently living and working in Grass Lake, MI where she recently opened her first Studio! To learn more about April and see her work visit www.aprilscottphoto.com   WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECIEVE OUR WEEKLY NEWSLETTER? YES SEND ME YOUR WEEKLY NEWSLETTER

Ben Lindsey – Madison’s Music


Ben Lindsey is an experienced Luthier, and owner of Madison’s Music Store (Named after his oldest Daughter), Gracey’s Vintage Finishes (Youngest Daughter Gracey),  and Crystal Clear Pickups (Named after his Wife). Madison’s Music Carries a variety of other products and Provides support for Wallace Guitars out of Detroit. To Learn more about Ben and his Store visit […]

Susan Rothamel – USArtQuest


Susan Pickering Rothamel is a successful Artist, Experienced Teacher and Owner of USArtquest in Chelsea Michigan. To Learn more or shop USArtquest online visit USARTQUEST.COM Music by Blue Dot Sessions  Have you subscribed to this Series? We post new video on a local subject every week! SUBSCRIBE NOW

Brook Banham – Middlecott Design


Brook Banham is a Designer living in Detroit, MI. Brook Specializes in Transport design and runs Middlecott design with his Wife Judith Banham. To Learn more about Brook, Judith and their work visit Middlecott.com Music by Chris Zabriskie   Have you subscribed to this Series? We post new video on a local subject every week! […]

Jim Roll – Backseat Productions


Jim Roll is a Music Producer and owner of Backseat Productions in Ann Arbor, MI. To Learn more about Jim and his Studio visit BackseatProductions.com. Music by Scott Holmes Have you subscribed to this Series? We post new video on a local subject every week! SUBSCRIBE NOW