Start Podcasting: A Simple and Budget Friendly Setup

Start Podcasting 2 o 3

Here we begin our journey into “the technical stuff” that has probably kept you from producing your podcast till now. I have consulted many people needing help in this area which is why I decided to create these posts.. SO let’s break this down niiice and simple like. Note: If you are just starting your […]

Start Podcasting: Developing The Perfect Podcast

Podcast 1o3

Two Types and Everything in-between When you want to start podcasting the first step is visualizing and developing the perfect podcast for you the host(s).  When you look at podcasts that have guests (most podcasts) there are really two types and everything in between. On one end of the spectrum you have conversational or “blab” podcasts and on […]

Detroit Carpenter – Carlton James

Carlton James Showcase

Detroit Carpenter and owner of Detroit Heartwood. Carlton James specializes in Traditional carpentry and modern concepts with a focus on both Residential and Business build outs and renovations. “My Name is Carlton James and I have a Small Company here in Detroit called Detroit Heartwood. We Do Renovations, Custom Carpentry, Furniture, and Build outs for  commercial properties. […]

April Scott | April Scott Photo

April Scott Showcase

 April Scott is a Michigan Photographer currently living and working in Grass Lake, MI where she recently opened her first Studio! To learn more about April and see her work visit   WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECIEVE OUR WEEKLY NEWSLETTER? YES SEND ME YOUR WEEKLY NEWSLETTER

Ben Lindsey | Madison’s Music

Madisons Music Showcase

Ben Lindsey is an experienced Luthier, and owner of Madison’s Music Store (Named after his oldest Daughter), Gracey’s Vintage Finishes (Youngest Daughter Gracey),  and Crystal Clear Pickups (Named after his Wife). Madison’s Music Carries a variety of other products and Provides support for Wallace Guitars out of Detroit. To Learn more about Ben and his Store visit […]

Susan Rothamel |USArtQuest

Susan Rothamel Showcase

Susan Pickering Rothamel is a successful Artist, Experienced Teacher and Owner of USArtquest in Chelsea Michigan. To Learn more or shop USArtquest online visit USARTQUEST.COM Music by Blue Dot Sessions  Have you subscribed to this Series? We post new video on a local subject every week! SUBSCRIBE NOW

Iggy Sumnik | Ceramic Artist

Iggy Sumnik Showcase

Iggy Sumnik is a Ceramic Artist from Detroit, MI. To learn more about Iggy and his work visit  Music by Alex Fitch Have you subscribed to this Series? We post new video on a local subject every week! SUBSCRIBE NOW

Brook Banham | Middlecott Design

Brook Banham Showcase

Brook Banham is a Designer living in Detroit, MI. Brook Specializes in Transport design and runs Middlecott design with his Wife Judith Banham. To Learn more about Brook, Judith and their work visit Music by Chris Zabriskie   Have you subscribed to this Series? We post new video on a local subject every week! […]

Jim Roll | Backseat Productions

Jim Roll Showcase

Jim Roll is a Music Producer and owner of Backseat Productions in Ann Arbor, MI. To Learn more about Jim and his Studio visit Music by Scott Holmes Have you subscribed to this Series? We post new video on a local subject every week! SUBSCRIBE NOW

Jimmy Tomczak Crowd Funding Video


I was happy to have the opportunity to help Jimmy with this Campaign.  I always enjoy helping passionate people and one doesn’t write a book on a subject without a certain level of passion behind it.. I was able to read an early PDF version of the book and Highly recommend it! If you watch the video […]

Relaxing Audio from that Storm in June.

Storm Thumb P

 Last Night 6/15/15 we had a pretty Amazing storm roll through Central Michigan. After enjoying it for a while I had an urge to capture the moment. I sat my recorder on the front porch and went to bed. After listening I decided to create a 17 minute clip I could nap to, complete with […]

Our 5 minute Journey into Hash Bash 2015

Hashbash with Play

For some reason people did not want to get on camera… Michigan Normal | Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access | Linse Lighters Were you at Hash Bash? What was your favorite part of the event?

Less Shock More Value: A Shift in Online Media


When it comes to online media we have definitely took a few steps back but far more in the right direction. On one side we still have yellow journalism. These are the large publishing sites/blogs that pump out eye catching headlines for shitty articles on every imaginable subject with the goal to drive traffic and generate […]

HopCat Detroit Mural Project

Hop Cat Detroit Mural Project

  4731 Group curated 7 Murals for HopCat Detroit, a new restaurant and bar in Detroit that features 130 beers on tap! Project Artists: -Fel3000ft -MALT -Kobie Solomon -MELO -ELMER Big Thanks to John Nedrow for providing the music for this video!

Redbull House of Art Cycle 9 11-14-14

Redbull House of Art Cycle 9 11-14-14

The Red Bull House of Art is a program for up and coming artists to develop their skill and showcase their abilities in a collaborative and inspirational environment. Preview the work of  the Cycle 9 Artists, and hear how the program has helped Heavenly Dogs Artists Dino Valdez and Nick Pizana.

Featured Photographer Megan Lacroix


    We are currently featuring a series of Photos by Megan Lacroix across all our social media accounts! Megan is an independent Photographer from Detroit, and the Founder of Arson Capital Magazine. Be sure to check out her photography page and what she is doing over at!   If you are a Photographer and have […]

Design in Motion | DIM Battles 2014

DIM Battles Det

  DIM (Design In Motion) is an Event focused on underground design in and around Detroit. In conjunction with the Detroit Design Festival (DDF) 2013, DIM Battles is an event which showcases underground design by having competitions “battles” in 3 arenas; custom car show, street art and Automotive Design. Sponsors/Organizers Middlecott Design Heavenly Dogs Arson Capital