Local Business Network – Meet the Pontiac Chapter


With the ease of networking today it is becoming a crucial part of growing your business. Local Business Networks have a family atmosphere where members support one anothers individual growth as well as businesses. Learn more about this Pontiac LBN and the services offered by it’s members at facebook.com/PontiacDowntownLoop

The Appleseed Collective Live in TC 2014 – “Hungry”


Formed in 2010, The Appleseed Collective has become a force of nature powered by their local community and developed by a strong sense of do-it-yourself drive. In an age of corporations and climate change, the band’s commitment to buying & selling local, eating from gardens, and being their own bosses has led to the kind […]

Soul Divide — “Nighttime”

Soul Divide — “Nighttime”

Soul Divide Performing Live @ The Majestic Theatre in Detroit, MI — 2013 For more information about concert video production services, visit sickboyproductions.com.