2016 Results: Locally Focused Video Content + Social Media

The Results

In the spring of 2016 I started producing videos for my local Farmers Market and Publishing them on Facebook. After uploading and optimizing these videos weekly I started to view what I was doing differently. I noticed that people really responded when locally focused content (especially video) popped up in their news feed.

Here are the results from videos produced for my local community (Grass Lake, MI). There is a lot of local pride here being a small town but I feel valuable video content produced for other local communities would have similar results.

GLFM Vid 1: Sabrina 6/8/16 6,803 42 74 194 3.2K 2,700
GLFM Vid 2: Joe 6/15/16 6,550 56 75 138 3.3k 2,803
GLFM Vid 3: Charles 6/22/16 3,630 27 31 47 1.4K 1,127
GLFM Vid 4: JAM MAN 6/29/16 7,381 60 78 185 4.3k 3,732
GLFM Vid 5: Gen Promo 07/06/16 8,390 34 30 24 2.8k 2,762
GLFM Vid 6: Mix Promo 7/20/16 7253 18 34 39 2.9k 2,573
GLFM Vid 7: k’s Acres 7/27/16 5894 12 30 57 2.2k 1847
GL Drone Test Video 11/28/16 67,705 269 569 1,771 33k 28,440
Roaming Goat Promo 1 12/27/16 6,423 54 56 87 3.3k 2,434

Local Video & Social Media

For those older than 25 who have actually listened to the radio or read a newspaper local promotional content is nothing new. On social media however it is rare. Combine this with the fact that there is still novelty in seeing video featuring people, places or things from your community and targeted social media videos have a huge effect.

As I started seeing the above results I began comparing what I was doing with my skill-set and platform to what is done at local radio stations. Where local radio stations help local businesses produce Audio commercials I was helping to develop and produce video content to support their goals. Where local radio stations broadcast to a geographical area I was targeting an area on social media. The same comparison could be made with newspapers. It is only the medium that changes between radio, print and the internet. 

The Take Away

The realization I had was that local business owners, organizers, etc were never expected to run their own newspapers and be great writers, nor run their own radio stations and produce quality audio content.. so why today would we expect them to be online content developers, producers and marketers?

Going into 2017 with this new understanding of how I can serve local businesses and communities through Michigan Media House and my skill-set is exciting! Modeling what Broadcast and Print has done locally will provide a much needed foundation to work from. Moving forward the focus can be more on developing and producing ad free video content that delivers value to local communities while providing results to our collaborators and sponsors (aka the fun stuff).

So what do you think? What would you like to know more about locally?

If you have any question please comment below or email us at: info@mimediahouse.com